Calcium Liquid - feed supplement

(With power of natural Herbs like “Giloy, Jivanti and Shatavary Extracts”)


Calcium liquid Supplements are available to meet the daily demand of calcium minimum dose supplement so that the required health of cattle is being maintained. Feeding the animal with calcium feed supplements maintains the calcium in them to threshold level. Calcium liquid is fortified with power of natural Herbs like “Giloy, Jivanti and Shatavary Extracts”.


  1. improves milk production
  2. removes calcium & phosphorous deficiency
  3. improves bone growth in young animal
  4. keeps them healthy by removing milk fever in lactating animal
  5. improves appetite in animals

Available in 1 liter,,5 liter ,10 liter and 20 liter Packing.

Energy Booster

(Gluconeogenic Precursors fortified with vitamins and minerals)

  1. maintanins energy levels in dairy animals
  2. provide instant energy to animals
  3. supports in maintaning normal blood glucose levels
  4. improve milk production
  1. reduced chick mortality
  2. flock uniformity
  3. even and faster weight gain

Available in 500ml long neck bottle

Calcium Gel

(Oral calcium and phosphorus with added vitamins and herbs)


Calcium Gel is a comprehensive nutritional supplement formnulated to supply the essential nutrients to dairy animals.


  1. prevent milk fever and associated complications
  2. fulfilling the instant calcium requirements immediately after parturition.
  3. improves milk production
  4. as an aid to favour the normal contraction of uterus, normal calving & timely expulsion of placenta

Available as 300g long neck bottle

Mineral Mixture Cum Growth Promoter

(For Swine, Cattle, Poultry & Fishes)


Foodicine-Chelated Mineral Mixture Cum Growth Promoter for Swine, Cattle, Poultry & Fishes. It act as a Growth Promoter For Livestock Animals. It helps Increase Milk Production & Fat Percentage in Milk. It Contans Micro Minerals, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Herbs,Probiotics, Enzymes and Vitamins.


  1. it Improves Milk Producton in Cattle and Egg Producton in Poultry and Acts as Pig Growth Promoter
  2. helps in reducing calcium, phosphorus and mineral deficiency diseases such as rickets, Ostaomalacia etc.
  3. improves milk production and fat
  4. helpful for non specific infertility.

Available as 1kg, 5kg and 10kg Pack

Multi vitamin, uterine tonic and liver tonic


Multi vitamin

Availabel as : 1 liter bottle

  1. increases the immune of the cattle and corrects night blindness of the cattle
  2. along with vitamin and minerals this syrup includes the zinc, cobalt and selenium
  3. strenthern udder tissues and muscles, prevents mastisis
  4. Stops hair loss, improve fertility of breeding bulls


Uterine tonic

Availabel as : 1 liter bottle

  1. indices heat in cow and buffalos
  2. maintains proper and timely involution of uterus
  3. helps in timely expulsion of placenta
  4. useful in ROP cases


Liver tonic

Availabel as : 1 liter bottle

  1. prevents lever damage due to mycotoxins, pesticide residues and bacterial toxins
  2. stimulates lever functions and protects lever and accelerate recovery
  3. rejuvinates hepatic cells and restores lever to normal functions.
  4. increase immunity