Contract Manufacturing for
Humic Acid Fertilizer

(12% w/w Humic Acid Bio-Enriched Fertilizer)

An ideal natural soil conditioner and bio-stimulant, 12% w/w Humic acid fertilizer is derived from Leonardite. Use it on plants and soil for better agro-growth without the use of harmful chemicals.

Humic Substances: 12% W/W

Product Packing:
Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, and 5 litres.

Quality Assurance:
Certified by ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015, and India Organic.
FSSAI-compliant and GMP-certified.

Instead of relying on harmful and toxic chemical fertilizers, choose bio-stimulants such as Humic acid fertilizers for phenomenal plant growth. You can use it on produce and soil, making it a versatile solution for your crop nutrition needs.

The Foodicine Humic acid fertilizer is an organic plant growth promoter that improves the soil conditions and helps in enhancing the chemical, biological, and physical properties of the soil. You can use it to improve soil aeration and increase its water holding capacity. Plants can tolerate drought situations better with the Humic acid bio-fertilizer.

With regular usage of 12% W/W Humic acid on plants, you can expect maximum development related to roots, shoots, and seed germination. The higher rate of nutrient absorption will also lead to better plant growth and reduced stress on the soil. Overall, the “bio-gold” Humic acid fertilizer promises a more fertile soil and superior quality yield.

Foodicine offers contract manufacturing for bulk orders of 12% WW Humic acid fertilizer. Contact us for private labeling requirements, and we will establish your brand in no time.

Foliar Spray:
  • Dose: 2-3 ml per litre of water (or dissolve 500 ml humic acid liquid per 200 litre of water).
  • Method: It can be sprayed to all crops before flowering or at actively growing stages once in a 30 days, in the morning or evening for better result.
Soil Application:
  • Dose: 1 litre per acre with sufficient quantity of water.
  • Method: It can be used alone or mixed with other fertilizers and applied via drip irrigation or directly sprayed on ploughed soil.
Seed Treatment:
  • Dose: 10 ml/kg seed in sufficient quantity of water.
  • Method: Soak the seeds in the solution for at least 1 hour before sowing.

It is recommended to spray in early morning or late evening. It is compatible with pesticides and fungicides.

Packing: Available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre & 5 litre Packing.

Warranty: The usage of this product is beyond our control. We there for do not accept any responsibility except the quality of the product.



1. Why choose Foodicine for Contract Manufacturing of Humid Acid Fertilizer?
At Foodicine, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Private label sellers prefer us for contract manufacturing because of the following reasons:
• Experienced, driven, and reliable contract manufacturer of authentic Humid Acid Fertilizer.
• Serving several clients across India and the world.
• Marketing assistance and dedicated support for ensuring regulatory and legal compliance.
• Customized product formulations at lower-than-market prices and with low MOQ.
• Certified by ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015, and India Organic.
• FSSAI-compliant and GMP-certified.
• Committed to making your business a success.

2. Where can I get Humid Acid Fertilizer from your Company?
Foodicine takes pride in selling Humid Acid Fertilizer without any artificial colour, flavour, or preservatives.
If you are interested in knowing about our retail-ready brand or want to customize the packaging (third-party/contract manufacturing services), please call +91-9427897841.

3. Is Private Label the same as Contract Manufacturing?
Contract manufacturing/third-party manufacturing/white label product manufacturing refers to the services wherein a manufacturer customizes the product packaging according to the seller. If you want to sell Humid Acid Fertilizer without spending on research and manufacturing facilities, now you can! Take advantage of our proven formulations and introduce Humid Acid Fertilizer with your branding and logo.
Alternatively, if you have a ready product formulation, we customize the manufacturing process and brand the products according to your requirements. It is called private labelling.
Nowadays, customers use both terms interchangeably. Do not worry about the terminology. Call +91-9427897841 to explain your requirements, and our Contract Manufacturing Specialist will take care of the rest.

4. How to get Humid Acid Fertilizer with my Brand Name?
Call +91-9427897841 for learning more about contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing of Humid Acid Fertilizer.

5. Are there any Requirements to order from Foodicine?
If you are interested in becoming a wholesale seller or you want to start a private label business of Foodicine products, including Humid Acid Fertilizer, we can help you. Do not worry if you do not have a business and marketing background. We will help you build your business and ensure your success every step of the way.

6. What is the Duration for the Order Fulfillment Process?
The order fulfillment process depends on the level of customization, shipping destination, and product availability. Usually, we ship orders within 1-3 days and provide you with tracking details.
To know more about shipments and other details about your order, contact +91-9427897841.

  • Pedpaudhe Ltd.

    Foodicine is our most trusted manufacturer and supplier of humic acid in Gujarat. We always rely on them for Just-in-Time orders.

  • Kalpesh A.

    છોડને શ્રેષ્ઠ પોષણ આપવા માટે આ એક અત્યંત અસરકારક ઉત્પાદન છે. હું આ ફરીથી ખરીદીશ.

  • Salim Sheikh

    Great for nursery plants as well! We use the humic acid fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants and the rate of bud drop off is really low.

  • Jawahar

    This is the best soil conditioner that I have found in a long time. I have worked with many private label suppliers through India Mart but none can match the product quality of Foodicine.

  • Vivek Rana

    100% satisfaction! I am delighted with the level of professionalism shown by Foodicine. Hardly any other Humic Acid supplier ensures such attention to detail. The company single-handedly made my dream of building an agro-nutrition brand come true. Thank you.

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