Contract Manufacturing for
Liquid Calcium Supplements

(With the Power of Giloy, Jivanti, and Shatavari Extracts)

An essential animal feed supplement, liquid calcium is nutritional for dairy animals and poultry. Fortified with the power of natural herbs, the Foodicine liquid calcium supplement will keep your animals healthy.

Strongest Milk Booster Formula with Spirulina and Galactopoietic Herbs
Enriched with Phosphorous and Vitamins (H, B12, D3)

Product Packing:
Available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre, and 20 litres.

Calcium is essential for cattle, poultry, and other farm animals to ensure their optimum health. For businesses related to dairy farming, cattle rearing, or animal husbandry, the liquid calcium supplement is one of the most helpful dairy supplements. You can benefit from selling the Foodicine product under your brand name.

Available in multiple sizes and packaging, take advantage of our contract manufacturing facilities and introduce oral calcium feed supplements to your customers. Fortified with Spirulina and other galactopoietic herbs, the calcium supplement contains a unique milk-boosting formula for better animal health and prevention of mineral deficiency. It helps maintain adequate levels of calcium in the cattle.

By providing liquid calcium regularly, one can avoid growth abnormalities and enhance the growth rate among young cattle. The animal feed supplement is imperative for optimum bone health of cattle and birds. It ensures improved nerve and muscle functions and allows for adequate milk and colostrum production during the parturition, calving, and lactation phase. Oral calcium supplements can prevent milk fever and reduce the chances sub-clinical levels of hypocalcaemia.

1. improves milk production
2. removes calcium & phosphorous deficiency
3. improves bone growth in young animal
4. keeps them healthy by removing milk fever in lactating animal
5. improves appetite in animals

Liquid Calcium Animal Supplement:
100ml of calcium supplementation is necessary for cows, buffaloes, horses, camels, and other dairy animals or as prescribed by the local veterinarian.

1. Why choose Foodicine for Contract Manufacturing of Liquid Calcium Supplements?
At Foodicine, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Private label sellers prefer us for contract manufacturing because of the following reasons:
• Experienced, driven, and reliable contract manufacturer of authentic Liquid Calcium Supplements.
• Serving several clients across India and the world.
• Marketing assistance and dedicated support for ensuring regulatory and legal compliance.
• A wide range of Liquid Calcium Supplements options is available.
• Customized product formulations at lower-than-market prices and with low MOQ.
• Certified by ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015, and India Organic.
• FSSAI-compliant and GMP-certified.
• Committed to making your business a success.

2. Where can I get Liquid Calcium Supplements from your Company?
Foodicine takes pride in selling Liquid Calcium Supplements without any artificial color, flavor, or preservatives.
If you are interested in knowing about our retail-ready brand or want to customize the packaging (third-party/contract manufacturing services), please call +91-9427897841.

3. Is Private Label the same as Contract Manufacturing?
Contract manufacturing/third-party manufacturing/white label product manufacturing refers to the services wherein a manufacturer customizes the product packaging according to the needs of the seller. If you want to bring your products to the market without spending time and money on product research, and manufacturing facilities, you can take advantage of our proven formulations and introduce Liquid Calcium Supplements with your branding and logo.
Alternatively, if you have a ready product formulation, we customize the manufacturing process and brand the products according to your requirements. It is called private labeling.
Nowadays, customers use both terms interchangeably. Do not worry about the terminology. Call +91-9427897841 to explain your requirements and our Contract Manufacturing Specialist will take care of the rest.

4. How to get Liquid Calcium Supplements with my Brand Name?
Call +91-9427897841 for learning more about contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing of Liquid Calcium Supplements.

5. Are there any Requirements to order from Foodicine?
If you are interested in becoming a wholesale seller or you want to start a private label business of Foodicine products, including Liquid Calcium Supplements, we can help you. Do not worry if you do not have a business and marketing background. We will help you build your business and ensure your success every step of the way.

6. What is the Duration for the Order Fulfillment Process?
The order fulfillment process depends on the level of customization, shipping destination, and product availability. Usually, we ship orders within 1-3 days and provide you with tracking details.
To know more about shipments and other details about your order, contact +91-9427897841.

  • Kavi

    Recently purchased a batch of liquid calcium feed for veterinary animals. Satisfied with the product! Eager to order more.

  • Prithvi C.

    Foodicine is the best wholesale supplier for liquid calcium feed supplements. The packaging is sturdy and they mention everything on the label.

  • Jagdish parikh

    This is by far the best liquid calcium supplement that I have seen as a farmer in the cattle rearing industry. This ingredient mix is full of herbs and that is what is most attractive about Foodicine. 100% worthy of being India's best brand.

  • Kirti Shah

    Very happy with Balram Patel. He introduced me to the veterinary liquid calcium when my cows were troubled by milk fever. The product is so effective I keep ordering it in bulk every season.

  • Sanjay Bhatol

    Found Foodicine online for contract manufacturing of liquid calcium feed supplements. I am happy with the packaging options and the quality of the product. Excited to order more products.

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