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Learn How to sell Organic Agriculture Crop Booster in India

The agricultural industry will be in the business till the end of time. Food is a basic and indisputable right for every human being. It means there will be a demand for crops and other agricultural businesses supported by farming. By selling fertilizers, crop boosters, and bio-stimulants to improve crop yield, you will be helping the farmers in increasing their income plus generate higher revenue for your business.

If you are interested in starting an agro-based business, choose a product with high demand and great returns. One such product is a crop booster, plant booster, or bio-stimulant for agricultural produce. It can be any micro-organism or synthetically-derived substance to stimulate the natural growth process of the plants.

With the changing trends, there is a demand for organic crop boosters/crop yield enhancers that are sustainable and environment-friendly. You can find many manufacturers who provide a proprietary blend of organic plant growth fertilizer to revive unhealthy plants and ensure a higher crop yield for farmers.

Why sell an Organic Crop Booster/Plant Growth Booster in India?

Let's find out why you should sell an organic crop booster to bolster your revenue and improve agricultural produce at the same time.

1. The Need of the Farming Community

India is an agricultural country. Although its service sector is booming, a large Indian population is still involved in agriculture and agro-based activities. For farmers whose livelihood depends on a good crop yield, crop failure can push them into debt and poverty. A crop yield booster will help in the fruit-bearing and flowering capacity of the plants and reduce the chances of bud-dropping. With the help of an organic crop booster, farmers can ensure a successful crop season and sustain their livelihood.

2. Higher Demand for Quality Produce

According to research, we need to increase the global food production capacity by 70% by 2050. Otherwise, a large number of the world population will suffer from hunger. With the growing need for higher agricultural produce, there is also demand for sustainable, organic, and nutrient-rich crops. With the help of an organic bio-stimulant or a crop booster, we can stimulate the natural growth process of the crops. It will improve nutrient efficiency and increase tolerance of plants to abiotic stress and thus, deliver a better-quality yield.

3. The Low Threshold of entering the Business

In today's world, where the internet is the bread and butter for every business, you can use the technology to start, expand and diversify to attract more customers. Many established corporations and young startups have started selling crop boosters and other crop nutrition products online to strengthen revenue streams. You can kick off an online business selling crop boosters.

Quick research will show you several crop-boosting products available on different e-commerce portals. If you review Amazon, India's popular e-commerce platform, you will find plant-boosters and bio-stimulants ranking well in several categories such as "Garden and Outdoors," "Composters," "Gardening," etc.

Another reason for the low threshold entry is the large availability of agricultural fertilizer contract manufacturers. You can find several contract manufacturing services to help you enter the market without large-scale investment.

How to choose a Contract Manufacturer for Agro Crop Booster?

If you are interested in selling organic agricultural crop boosters and fertilizers in India, working with an experienced contract manufacturer will make it simpler for you.

1. Review the Contract Manufacturing Services

If you do a quick search on India Mart, you will find tons of private label manufacturers who will sell you their proprietary blend of crop boosters. Make sure you choose a legitimate manufacturer who can ensure timely delivery of quality plant growth enhancers. When choosing between several contract manufacturing services, consider the following points:

  • Picking an ISO-certified company can prove a USP for your brand and help you stand out among your competitors. Look for ISO 9001:2015 certification. It focuses on the Quality Management System of the company. It will ensure your customers that the products are rigorously tested to meet the regulatory guidelines put forth by the international organization.
  • Look for a GMP-compliant contract manufacturer and wholesaler who adheres to the quality requirements for every production batch.
  • If the company manufactures other agricultural products such as veterinary solutions for farm animals and ayurvedic health supplements, look for certifications such as ISO 22000:2005. It will help you understand if the company is reliable and whether it can provide you with options to expand your product portfolio.

2. Review the Agricultural Yield Enhancer in Detail

Many manufacturers have their proprietary blend of growth-boosting ingredients to enhance crop yield. It can create confusion while choosing the best agricultural crop booster product. Look for a combination of Humic acid, Fulvic acid, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can aid in completing the NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) content of the soil. Consider choosing a crop yield enhancer with bio-organic elements to address the growing need for organic agricultural products.

3. Discuss the MOQ Requirements

When it comes to contract manufacturing services, the size of the batch is a matter of prime importance. Often, manufacturers have a high minimum order requirement. It means you will have to buy large quantities of the plant growth booster. It can force you to invest heavily in the product and leave you with a large batch size to sell.

Look for a company with low MOQ so that your financial risk is low. Also, it will enable you to test the product with your select set of customers and gain honest feedback from them.

4. Availability of On-Demand Private Label Packaging

One of the main issues while choosing a contract manufacturer is discussing the availability of private label packaging. If the manufacturer is not open to providing products under your brand name, you will become a reseller for them. It means you will not be able to build your brand in the field of crop nutrition.

If you plan to establish a brand of your own, discuss how the contract manufacturer will help you with packaging, design, and other branding details.

It is Time to make the Move!

Are you ready to sell organic agricultural crop boosters and biostimulants? With calculated moves and detailed research, choose a contract manufacturer. It is because who you choose will become your partner every step of the way.

Work with the best crop booster manufacturer to sell wholesale agricultural fertilizers under your brand name.

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