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Learn How to understand the Market Potential of Moringa Health Supplements

Native to India, Moringa Oleifera, drumstick tree, miracle tree, or the horseradish tree, is becoming a big name in the health foods and supplements industry. The ancient Indian medical practitioners of Ayurveda have been known to use Moringa for its superior nutrient density.

Today, farmers cultivate Moringa in many countries, including the Philippines, Nigeria, Cambodia, Haiti, and Kenya. From farming the plant, processing Moringa products, to marketing and exporting them to global markets, it offers incredible employment opportunities and profitable returns to businesses involved with the miracle plant!

If you are selling green food supplements, including Moringa products in your portfolio can become a profitable decision for you. There is a wide-scale demand for Moringa powders, capsules, tablets, oils, teas, chocolates, snacks, and Moringa-based makeup and skincare products. According to reports for 2021-2025, the scope for Moringa products will enjoy YoY growth of 6.5%.

Is there a Profitable Market for Moringa Health Food Supplements?

According to industry trends, the projected value of Moringa supplements will be $10 billion by 2025. The CAGR will be 8.9% for the forecast period from 2019 to 2025.

To learn more about the profitability of Moringa health products, let’s do a SWOT analysis to understand the market before you decide on a new strategy.

What are the Core Advantages of starting a Moringa Business?

By understanding the strengths and advantages of starting a business of Moringa health products, you can learn where there is growth potential in your business idea.

1. Known for its drought-resistant features, India is the largest producer of premium-quality Moringa plant products. You can enjoy economies of scale by choosing an Indian Moringa contract manufacturer to get Moringa products under your brand name.

2. Selling world-class Moringa greens and Moringa-based health supplements will earn you brand loyalty and pave the way to expand your business.

3. If you consider private labeling Moringa products, you can build a lucrative business shortly after the launch. With the existence of supportive, sincere, and experienced private label supplement manufacturers in India, you will enjoy low threshold entry into the business and higher chances of success.

4. Take advantage of your existing brand name and goodwill to push Moringa products to your clientele. With the help of a large customer base and industry contacts, you can consider exporting Moringa health supplements globally.

What Negative Factors should you consider when selling Moringa Supplements?

Learning the potential weaknesses of your business will provide an honest appraisal about your chances of being a success selling Moringa greens.

1. If you are a startup, you may experience a lack of a reliable distribution network. For example, your Moringa health supplements may be the best on the market. But your business can suffer if you do not have a distribution network and marketing channel to optimize sales.

2. Lack of consistent supply of Moringa health supplements from the manufacturer.

3. A general perception among Indian consumers that “Global is Greater” can affect the growth numbers of your business. If buyers believe your product is inferior, you will have to work harder to break the notion.

What are the Possible Incentives of Moringa Herbal Products?

It's time to find out what external factors will allow you to survive and thrive your Moringa green food supplements business:

1. There is a growing awareness among consumers about green health supplements. They understand the importance of nutrition due to increasingly hectic and sedentary lifestyle. And, with rising disposable income among consumers, selling Moringa powders, capsules, tablets, and other health products are lucrative in developing countries.

2. Moringa products are in high demand in developed countries as well. Manufacturers export large quantities to the USA, UK, Europe, China, and many other countries, thus, reflecting the importance and potential of the plant.

3. Moringa supplies are abundant due to high levels of production across the world. Moringa Oleifera is one of the fastest-growing plants with tons of nutritional value. Several parts of the Moringa plant are edible, including the leaves, bark, pods, nuts, flowers, and seeds. So, growing and selling Moringa products ensures a higher return on investment.

What can negatively impact your Moringa Greens Business?

There are certain external factors with almost no controlling ability. Learn what things can threaten your business to make a well-thought decision.

1. A shift in consumer tastes and preferences can affect the sale of Moringa products in the future. If the consumers find the taste off-putting, you may have to think of a way to encourage them to buy the health supplement.

2. There is an emergence of competition from international products due to advanced packaging and branding of imported supplements.

3. Poor advertising and lack of awareness among Indian consumers about the benefits of the Moringa plant can pose a potential threat to the business.

4. Agriculture in India is still heavily reliant on monsoon. It can cause several uncertainties to the business.

Partner with a Reliable Moringa Supplements Manufacturer

Moringa health supplements have a bright future and incredible market potential for the coming years. With the help of a detailed SWOT analysis, you will have found your strengths and opportunities for starting a business selling Moringa products.

It also provides a detailed understanding of your weaknesses and threats so that you can overcome them and establish a robust business. You can minimize the weaknesses and overcome potential external threats with the help of an experienced and reliable moringa supplements manufacturer.

Choose an FSSAI-registered, GMP-compliant, and ISO-certified moringa green supplements manufacturer to ensure a consistent supply of quality products. With superior packaging and branding, you will compete with international brands successfully and establish your name in the Indian market.

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