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Five Questions to ask before you buy Chelated Cattle Mineral Mixture

Just as humans require an adequate intake of minerals to support bodily functions, your cattle and livestock deserve regular supplementation of minerals and vitamins to ensure good health. With several chelated mineral mixture products available on the market, you now have the option to maintain cattle health and improve milk production, milk quality, fertility, and the overall health of the animals.

Prime Considerations before using Chelated Cattle Mineral Mixture

Before spending money on the chelated mineral mixture, you must understand why and how it is crucial. Is it necessary for your cows, buffaloes, pigs, horses, goats, poultry, and other farm animals? How to choose one that has the most benefits within your budget. Let's understand what things to consider before buying a chelated mineral mixture.

1. Are there any benefits of using a Chelated Mineral Mixture?

Minerals are necessary for your animals, poultry, and fish for optimum biological functions. If the animals are nutrient-deficient, they may suffer from poor immunity, reduced reproductivity, and decreased health. With regular consumption of chelated mineral mixture, the animals will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better absorption of trace minerals means a smaller quantity can also be sufficient.
  • Improvement in production of milk, eggs, meat, etc.
  • Visible reduction in mineral, calcium, and phosphorous deficiencies.
  • Better growth in cattle, pigs, and other farm animals and birds.
  • Increased growth performance and helpful for non-specific infertility.

2. Do your Farm Animals require Chelated Minerals?

Often, dairy farm owners and businessmen in the cattle rearing industry ask whether the chelated mineral mixture is necessary for their animals. Now, if you are facing problems with the overall health of your animals, consider supplementing their diet with a chelated mineral mixture.

If your animals are experiencing any stress or specific issues such as weaning problems, low fertility, foot rot, or overall weakness and inadequate growth, supplement their diet with a chelated mineral mixture. It is helpful for calves and heifers for their optimum growth performance.

3. Does the Process of Chelation lead to better Nutrient Absorption?

When animals face decreased milk production, calcium deficiency, or reduced immunity, cattle rearing farmers often consider feeding them higher quantities of regular feed. But it does not work. No matter how much mineral feed you provide to the animals, poultry, and fish, mineral absorption becomes a matter of prime importance.

Chelated mixture cattle feed supplements are nothing but trace minerals attached to amino acids or organic compounds so that they do not interact with other compounds in the body. The animal body can absorb chelated minerals in a better way which means even a smaller quantity of the mixture will help the cattle to improve health.

For example, cows who received chelated mineral mixture before calving have higher chances of having calves with improved health and reduced sickness. Chelated minerals are helpful for calves during the weaning season. They even help cows and buffaloes gain the necessary body strength for the next calving season.

4. What is the Recommended Dosage of Chelated Feeding Mineral Mixture?

The dosage for chelated feeding mineral mixture varies depending on the animal. For example, you can feed 30-50 grams of chelated minerals to cows and buffaloes along with their daily feed. Young calves weaning off cow milk will require 15-20 grams of the chelated mixture. Sheep and goats will have improved performance with 25-30 grams of chelated minerals. A similar quantity is ideal for pigs.

Poultry birds can benefit from 1 kg of chelated mineral mixture per ton of food. And, when it comes to fish, you can mix 1 kg of the chelated mineral feed supplement to 100 kg of feed.

These are general recommendations. But, if your animal is recovering from a disease or requires special attention, you must consult the local veterinarian for accurate dosage.

5. How to choose a Manufacturer/Supplier of Chelated Animal Feed Supplement?

When you use quality chelated animal feed supplements, farm animals will absorb, digest, and assimilate minerals in a better way. As chelated minerals are an essential part of the diet, buy them from a reputed animal feed supplement manufacturer.

Seek reviews of different sellers and suppliers of animal growth promoters and chelated minerals for cattle feed. Evaluate other products offered by the company and look for their overall reputation.

Choose an experienced supplier with ISO certification, India Organic certification, and GMP accreditation. Discuss the product in detail. Does the chelated mineral mixture contain herbs, probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins for better animal health? What kind of benefits does the product promise?

You can ask the manufacturer for sample packages to ascertain the quality of the chelated mineral mixture and monitor the health of your livestock.

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