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Learn Why Packaging your Cattle Feed Supplement Product Matters

With innovation in the dairy farming industry and the need for quality animal nutrition products, many businesses sell animal feed supplements over the internet. You can work with a wholesale contract manufacturer. They will help you with calcium gels, energy boosters, and multi-vitamin supplements for dairy animals. Before you jump on the bandwagon, let's learn a few things.

Why are Animal Feed Supplements Necessary for Cattle?

Animal feed supplements provide energy and are crucial for growth and overall development. Due to various environmental and physical threats to dairy animals and the need to produce quality animal products, the health of the cattle is a concern for many farmers. For example, liquid calcium supplements are necessary to boost the milk production capacity of animals. Or else, they may suffer from milk fever.

Nutrition in animals is necessary for various reasons. The health of cattle decides the milk production and meat quality and hence impacts their overall value. Due to the regular use of veterinary supplements, cattle rearing businesses can enjoy the following benefits:

  • It provides the necessary nutrition in desired quantities.
  • It increases the fertility of animals.
  • It increases the milk production capacity.
  • It increases bone growth and overall development.

With the growing population, the demand for dairy products is rising. So, many dairy farmers and poultry business owners use cattle supplements in abundance. Hence, animal crop nutrition is an important business.

The Right Way of Packaging your Brand!

When selling animal feed supplements, it is essential to package them right because it will store the product safely and protect ingredients from fluctuating environmental conditions, thus, preserving their integrity. Additionally, they serve many other purposes. When working with a private label wholesale supplier of animal feed supplements, you must make sure that the packaging is on point.

1. Quality Packaging ensures the Safety of Cattle Supplements

The primary role of packaging should be to protect the product and be safe for animal consumption. If the packaging material is not sturdy and compromised due to any reason, the supplement may be prone to microbiological spoilage. The product can be in powder, pellet, or liquid form. And, the packaging will depend on the form and state of the supplement you want to sell.

Choose affordable and convenient packaging. If the packaging cost is too high, it makes the product expensive for consumers. But it does not mean choosing inferior quality. No one would risk putting a product inside a less secure container. Proper material will protect the supplement from changes in temperature, moisture, and humidity, and thus, keep the product's integrity intact.

2. Labeling the Product with Essential Information

The use of various cattle supplements is to lead to healthy animals. Farmers are not always aware of the nutritional needs of their animals. So, they require detailed dosage recommendations to make sure the products fit the animal conditions and their demand at a particular growth stage.

So, animal feed supplements should have a label with all the information describing the product, dosage recommendations, directions for use, ingredient list, and other regulations and requirements for the benefit of the user.

For creating an unforgettable brand, you must check whether it includes a logo, business name, manufacturer’s details, and most importantly, caution statements if any.

Useful Suggestions to discuss with your Contract Manufacturer

If you are satisfied with the packaging provided by the contract manufacturer, it is also essential to discuss the shelf life of animal feed supplements. It is the point at which the product is no longer safe for animal consumption. Choose someone that guarantees longer shelf life and more stable products to avoid any harm to animals. Also, check whether your packaging mentions the sell-by-date.

Does the wholesale manufacturer undertake stability testing of individual ingredients before manufacturing the product? What kind of ingredients do they use, and how do they store them? Is the formulation correct to avoid contamination? Getting answers to all these questions about product quality and packaging requirements will help you choose the best contract manufacturer for animal feed supplements.

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